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Over 45 years experience providing technical direction...

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Privately Owned since 1978

Providing support for your gas & steam turbines and their associated control systems.

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Industry leading Predictive Maintenance Programs...

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Experienced overhaul planning, technical direction and support...

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Turbo-Machinery Consultants
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Technical Direction

Gas Turbine

We have over 45 years of experience supervising the overhauls on General Electric gas turbines. We have also supervised overhauls on Allison, Pratt & Whitney, Sulzer GT10 and have some Solar experience.

Steam Turbines

Out experience consists mostly on General Electric small, medium (Lynn) and Large steam turbines.

Control Systems

On gas turbines we have extensive experience on General Electric Fuel Regulator, Speedtronic (including old Mark I and Mark II), Triconex, CCC, and others.
On steam turbines we have experience on EHC, mechanical and the old 3-arm control systems as well as Woodward and others.


Our Experience

I first started supervising overhauls when I worked for General Electric I&SE in Houston Texas in the mid 1960’s. When I left General Electric in 1973 I was a senior startup engineer (responsible for the overall projects and the other General Electric engineers on the job.

I left General Electric and help start Creole Production Services and as their only turbo-machinery field service, I was a department of 1.

Since starting DCS Consultants I have continued to supervise overhauls of gas and steam turbines. As my Dad used to say, “Even if you’re not the sharpest knife in the drawer, if you do the same thing long enough you will get pretty good at it.” I like to think that I am pretty sharp and so a lot has “sunk in” over all those years. I have good working relationships with most of the turbo-machinery related companies and also most of the mechanics that do this work.

I have developed procedures that facilitate both job progress and quality. For each overhaul I develop a workscope and job plan that is based off of previous overhauls. This makes the plan realistic as all projected times are set equal to actual times on a previous job. I also provide a list of spare parts to be on hand that are pre-boxed and marked for each individual job, so that each mechanic gets the parts and applicable drawings, for each day’s work. This prevents a generic bolt from being installed instead of the correct bolt. It also reduces the time spent “looking for parts” during the outage to a minimum.

I have a philosophy that the best way to do a particular job is the way that the mechanic working on it wants to do it and not “my way” unless there is a specific reason that his way is not right. My way may be quicker if I do it or if someone new does it, but his way will be quicker when he does it.


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