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Privately Owned since 1978

Providing support for your gas & steam turbines and their associated control systems.

Predictive Maintenance

Industry leading Predictive Maintenance Programs...

Overhaul Support

Experienced overhaul planning, technical direction and support...

Project Management

Full control of large projects such as upgrades or overhauls...

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Company History & Team Bios

1978 - 1985

The company was first registered with the State of Louisiana in 1978. When I first started, the office was located in my spare bedroom. Up until 1985, much of my work was with Didrikson & Associates and that extra bedroom severed as the workspace for both entities.

On January 1, 1985 I ended my association with Didrikson and have worked solely as DCS Consultants since. When I ended my association with Didrikson, all of my customers remained with me at DCS Consultants. Three of those original locations are still clients.

1985 - 1998

In late 1985, the company moved from that cramped bedroom to an office suite in Gretna, La where we stayed until mid 1988 when we moved to a bigger suite in New Orleans. In 1992, we took over more space at the same location and in 1995 moved to a larger office a few blocks away. During that time, I had various assistants. Stacey officially joined the company on November 25, 1997 and has remained with us ever since.

The work and the space we required continued to grow until we were bursting at the seams.

1999 - 2016

DCS Consultants moved to 212 Grefer Lane, Harvey, LA in December of 1999. We had over 1,600 sq. ft. of office space, almost 2,600 sq. feet of shop space and 1,500 sq. ft. of storage/warehouse.

The office space was divided into 4 offices, a reception area, a storage/electronic repair area, 1 ½ baths and a full kitchen. The shop area had two large bays serviced by three overhead doorways. We had a small machine shop including a metal lathe, milling machine, drill press, hydraulic band saws, welding machines, overhead electric crane, etc.

We also had a mobile office/tool trailer that we take to the job sites within the continental US. It has an office area with copier, printer, computer, etc. in the front and a tool section in the back. There is also room to transport the DCS Consultants golf cart in the trailer; something that I truly appreciated as the years went by.

2016 - Present

We moved from our long term locatiion at 212 Grefer to a nrand new office and shop located at 1821 Commercial Drive, Suite O, Harvey, LA 70058 in the summer of 2016. The new office is 1,500 sq. ft of new construction.

I did the design layout so everything fits us perfectly. The new shop is 1,000 sq ft. It has a gantry crane, metal lathe, milling machine, drill press, woodworking equipment, etc from the old shop. Because of the smaller size (as well as new OSHA rules) I sold both trailers, golf cart, and other items I no longer need.

Team Bios:

Donald A GibsonDonald Gibson: I was involved in the startup of Creole Production Services and Didrikson & Associates before forming this company in 1978. I have owned and worked as the sole field person for DCS Consultants since its founding. I have experience on all types of equipment including steam turbines, generators, gas turbines, mechanical governors, 3-arm governors, EHC (large and medium steam turbine), Fuel Regulator, Speedtronic®, CCC, Triconex® and others.

Staqcey MoormanStacey Moorman: Stacey started at DCS Consultants in November 1997 and has been keeping the office running smoothly ever since. She married Mr. Robby Moorman in 2003. On June 4, 2006, they were blessed with their oldest son Robby, who came to work at DCS every day his mother worked for the first year of his life. On September 23, 2008, Stacey & Robby were blessed with their second son Gage. While Gage is sometimes found at the office, he comes in only infrequently when compared to the early dedication his brother showed.

Security GuardsPepper & Pinocchio: Pepper & Pinocchio were both hired by Stacey in 2012. They have been great employee and have kept the shop and warehouse free of “uninvited guests”. Their major jobs are: killing snakes that get into the office, keeping the shop and office rodent free, and protecting Stacey from roaches and geckos when I am out of town.

Our most Important Team MembersOur Customers: Our customers are just as much a part of our team as Stacey and I are.

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