DCS Consultants
Your Gas & Steam Turbine Specialists
  1. Providing Gas & Steam Turbine Support

    We can provide technical direction of overhauls, Overhaul Planning, Project Maintenance and have developed predictive maintenance programs that have provided our customers with industry leading availability and reliability numbers.

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  2. Predictive Maintenance

    DCS Consultants approach to developing a predictive maintenance program for turbo-machinery is to design an individual program for each piece of equipment that will attack the major contributors to downtime and losses of production while simultaneously increasing the reliability and optimizing efficiency and capacity of the equipment.

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  3. Technical Direction

    DCS Consultants has over 40 years’ experience providing technical direction on:

    ● Gas Turbines

    ● Steam Turbines

    ● Control Systems

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  4. Project Management

    DCS Consultants can provide assistance with or take complete responsibility for large or small projects including:

    ● Overhauls

    ● Major Mainteance

    ● Upgrades

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Our Office

Entrance to our office at 1821 Commercial Drive, Suite O, Harvey, LA.


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Stacey is the office Manager.

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Don Gibson

Owner - Don Gibson.

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Annabelle - Receptionist

This is Annabelle, our receptionist.

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Pepper - Security Guard

Pepper is our security guard.

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Entrance Lobby

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Conference Room

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The Kitchen.


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Bolting & Fittings Storage

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Metal Lathe.

7 Great reasons to use DCS Consultants

With DCS Consultants you get one person that is responsible for the complete job, from planning to startup, from purchasing parts to following repairs, from planning the work to starting the unit on mechanical, controls and electrical. No pointing fingers because they all point to the same person.

We can Do It All

With DCS Consultants one person follows all the work. The same person handles the mechanical, Instrumentation/Controls, Generator/Electrical as well as the support systems (oil, accessories, etc.)

One person is qualified on:

  • Mechanical work on steam and gas turbines
  • Calibration and trouble shooting on Control Systems
  • Generator/Electrical work
  • support systems, oil pumps, etc.
Over 50 Years Experience

I started at G.E. LST in 1968 working on EHC Controls. G.E. moved me to Houston in 1970 where I worked as a field engineer. That was followed by starting the CPSI turbine department and then Didrikson Associates.

I founded DCS consultants in 1978. In all that time DCS has never had a salesman, blind called a potential customer, or gone on a sales call. Every customer we have int that time period has found us.

We Know The Shops

We have been following turbine shop work since 1968, before any of the current shops were doing gas turbine repair.

We not only know the shops, we know the people; The people in management and the people on the floor. This knowledge allows us to understand each shops strengths and weaknesses,

We Know the Contractors

DCS Consultants has worked with most of the contractors now providing turbo-machinery work and is familiar with the company management as well as the workers. It is rare that I go on a job and don't already no most of the crew. In a lot of cases I have worked with their relatives, father, grandfather and in one case their great-grandfather.

We use this knowledge to help determine which contractors are good and better for specific work, .

We Know the Parts Suppliers

DCS Consultants has a relationship with many of the turbine parts suppliers. In most cases I know have known the ownership of the company for many years. That, plus the fact that I handle not only multiple sites, but multiple customers with multiple sites often means that I will get slightly better service/pricing.

We Know What Works

Because I have been working on turbines longer than I want to admit, I know what works and what doesn't. Even if you aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer if you do the same thing long enough it will sink in.

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DCS Consultants can provide your people with training on:

  • Operation
  • Control System Calibration & Maintenance
  • Mechanical Maintenance

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